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Here at STC we offer solutions from as little as 1 hour, all the way to 8 hours developing time, in a range of percentages (depths).

We suggest coming 2 days prior to an event, however if you can't make it, we also have options available for the day before, or day of your event.

(however please be aware it does take a full 24 hours for your tan to fully develop).


When booking online if you are unsure which tan to book from our amazing selection of brands, that's ok, simply select the 

 ‘I have no idea which one to pick?!’  option when booking.

 When you arrive for your appointment in salon, we can discuss the best options for your event, skin type, skin care routine & development time frame.

Wonder why we carry so many different brands of solution?

Well the answer is simple, we believe there is no single formula that suits all skins.

Everyone is different in:




Skin care routine




the list goes on...


We are constantly testing and trialling,

bringing you what we think is the very best Spray Tan solution for YOU & your skin.

Our Solutions

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